Blueprint for Change


The National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare (NTH) is focused on advancing an agenda that supports resilience, well-being, and joy in the practice of medicine among all healthcare professionals. The Taskforce, comprised of doctors, nurses, other care team members, healthcare leaders, and cross-industry allies, proposes to advance the creation, understanding, and spread of approaches that support human connection and well-being in all aspects of healthcare and that support care team members in achieving their highest healing potential. To achieve this mission, the NTH is focused on:


  1. Effectively articulating the story that makes the case for not just preventing burnout, but also for promoting resilience, well-being, and joy in practice for all care team members. This includes exploring contributing factors and consequences of burnout at the individual, team, and organizational levels, including impacts on quality, safety, and finances; and illuminating meaningful interventions, including changes in leadership approaches, culture, and team and individual practices that lead to sustained improvement in joy and resiliency.
  2. Implementing a measurement tool that assesses joy and resiliency, in addition to emotional exhaustion, that can be easily and widely deployed; and supporting the collection of data from the use of this tool to advance knowledge and understanding of how to prevent burnout and promote resilience, well-being, and joy.
  3. Developing a meaningful solution blueprint to navigate the journey to restoring joy and resiliency in the practice of medicine, at the individual, team, and organizational level, with interventions linked to the results from the measurement tool.


In 2018 and 2019, the NTH plans to pilot the measurement tool and solutions blueprint at approximately ten (10) healthcare organizations. Each healthcare organization will identify departments/divisions/clinics/areas that will participate in the pilot based on objective and subjective data surrounding burnout, joy, and resilience. For the pilot phase, The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE) will be the service provider and collaborating partner to launch the initial cohorts. In addition, the Experience Innovation Network (EIN) will partner to ensure access to the pilot program is rooted in organizations committed to achieving the goals outlined. Once pilot partners are identified, participating organizations would follow the pathway outlined in the Blueprint for Change document.


Download the Blueprint for Change Here