Business Case


Our Business Case desires to change the dialog around burnout from one that sees burnout as a personal psychological failing to acknowledgement of a system in distress. Through this reframing, shift the aim from burnout prevention to creation of a system that supports resilience, well-being, and joy.


The epidemic of burnout among healthcare professionals is receiving growing international attention. The high prevalence of burnout in the healthcare workforce is cause for immediate concern because evidence shows impacts on quality, safety, and healthcare system performance. In addition, our analysis suggests that costs for burnout-related turnover may be as high as $1.7 billion annually among hospital-employed physicians, and $17 billion across all US physicians. For nurses, we estimate the hospital cost at $9 billion annually, and total national costs at $14 billion. This epidemic must be remedied, given the serious and negative ramifications of poor well-being and low job satisfaction among health care professionals on patient experience, health of populations, and the cost of healthcare.


The National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare (NTH) proposes a new model that goes beyond burnout prevention and promotes resiliency and the restoration of humanity in healthcare. We believe that burnout is the manifestation of a system problem, and therefore it requires system-level solutions. Those solutions must move beyond the prevention of burnout, and instead systemically cultivate human thriving and connection in ways that promote resilience, well-being, and joy for all healthcare team members.


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